No broadcast messages are received from Pcounter for NDPS

Broadcast messages require a licensed connection number on a NetWare server.  However, NDPS and iPrint clients do not use, nor require a licensed connection.  Mounting a volume (mapping a drive) or printing to a legacy print queue on the NDPS server will open a licensed connection on that server.

Pcounter requires a fully qualified NDS username in order to detect any connection numbers associated with that user.  For native NDPS print jobs, this isn't a problem.  However, there is no way for Pcounter to resolve connection numbers from print jobs submitted via LPR, because the NDS username is not known.  If users have a licensed connection, then it is possible to configure Pcounter to get the "real" print job username:

  • Run Pcontrol
  • NDPS Manager Pcounter configuration
  • Global Settings
  • Cross-Platform/LPD Options
  • Make sure that Find client IP address in server connection table is selected.

Users who have unlimited credit are not sent Account Balance notification messages.  This behavior is by design.