Print jobs are recorded but account balances are not modified (NetWare)


  • In the Pcounter printer or queue configuration, make sure that Accounting=User account balances and log file.
  • Also in the Pcounter printer or queue configuration, make sure that the paper size prices are set to something other than zero.
  • Make sure that the printer/queue configuration that you are applying is for the specified printer/queue object, and not the server default. The server default configuration only applies to a particular object if that object has not had its own Pcounter configuration saved. To restore an object's configuration to the default:
    • Queues: On the Printing tab of the Pcounter server configuration, right-click the queue and choose Reset default values.
    • NDPS: On the Printer Agents tab of the Pcounter NDPS Manager configuration, right-click the printer agent and choose Reset default values.
  • (Queues) You may need to restart Pcounter.nlm if you have made changes to the configuration.
  • Make sure that you have granted the Pcounter print server (NDS queues) or the NDPS Manager attribute rights in the top-level user containers so that Pcounter can modify account balances in NDS. This can be done in Pcontrol (Global Settings) or NWAdmin. If Pcounter has insufficient permission to modify balances, then all balances are interpreted as zero.
  • Check the Error log: \sys\system\pcounter\errorlog.txt. If there are any Pcounter errors, they will be recorded here.