Setting up Pcounter for NetWare on Windows Vista and Windows 7

The Novell Clients for Windows Vista/7 do not include support for NDPS nor for Queue-based printing.

However, it is possible to get Pcounter utilities working on Vista and 7 (as they do on XP) by extracting files from the Novell Client for XP/2000.  A batch file is available for download which automates the process of extracting the files from an XP client, and creating an install folder for a Vista client.  Both x86 and x64 are supported.

Download batch file here:

After downloading, run GetVistaNDPSFiles.bat on an XP machine with the Novell Client installed and it will display further instructions.

This FAQ applies to:

  • Pcontrol
  • PPopup
  • Pcounter Pro
  • Plot Manager


Not required for:

  • Pcounter Administrator
  • Wbalance