How to exclude Pcounter from antivirus scanning

If you use an antivirus program on your server, either in real time or scheduled scan mode, it may be necessary to exclude certain files and folders from being scanned.

Exclude the following files and folders:

\windows\system32\pcntdata.exe  (for x64:  \windows\syswow64\pcntdata.exe)
\windows\system32\pcounter.exe   (for x64:  \windows\syswow64\pcounter.exe)
\windows\system32\pcountsp.dll  (for x64: \windows\syswow64\pcountsp.dll)
\windows\system32\pcountui.dll  (for x64: \windows\syswow64\pcountsp.dll)
\program files\Pcounter for NT (for x64 \program files (x86)\Pcounter for NT)
\Pcounter   (or whatever you have set as the Pcounter shared data directory)

On the workstation end, simply add PPOPUP.EXE to the exclusions.