Windows printer configuration in mixed x86 and x64 environments

You have an x86 or x64 server and clients of both types who need to print to queues on the server. However, the server OS will not allow you to install a driver using a different architecture than the server OS uses - ie. x64 print drivers on an x86 server.

You must install the driver, that is using the differing architecture from the server, from a workstation to the server.

  • To do this, login to a workstation that uses the differing architecture, download the printer driver you wish to use on the server. Browse to the printers area on the server from a run dialog box - ie. Start -> Run -> \\servername\printers.
  • Once the window is showing the printers on the server, go to File ->Server Properties -> Drivers -> Add. A window should open up with check boxes for each architecture type supported by the server. Simply check the appropriate architecture type and click next.
  • Now you will be looking at the standard driver selection window. Browse to the driver you downloaded and select the appropriate .INF file.

Please note that both x86 and x64 drivers must have the exact same name. "HP LaserJet 2200 PCL 6" and "HP LaserJet 2200 PCL6" would be regarded as separate printers and the driver would not be correctly distributed. If they have the same name, they will appear automatically in additional drivers for both architectures in your printer's sharing properties, and will be distributed accordingly.

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