Large page count discrepancies for XAuditron tracked copiers

The way XAuditron logging works is:

1)User walks up and makes a copy.

2)The MFP creates a log entry in its own internal Auditron log.

3)XAuditron service retrieves the entries from the Auditron log on the MFP and incorporates the data in to the Pcounter log on the Pcounter Server.

4)MFP clears the internal log and waits for new jobs to come through.

Occasionally, due to a bug in the Xerox design, during the 4th step, something goes wrong and the Auditron log on the MFP is not cleared properly. Thus, everytime the XAuditron service retrieves the log information, it will continually log the same stuck data everytime a legtimate job is logged.

Fortunately, we have developed a fix for this issue.

1) Open Regedit on the XAuditron server.

2) For x86; navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pcounter XAuditron.
    For x64; navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pcounter XAuditron.

3) Create a new DWORD named "JBADebug" and assign it a value of 1 in the Pcounter XAuditron key.

4) Close all open XAuditron windows, and reopen the GUI.

5) Restart the XAuditron service.

6) Find the printer in question in the list of XAuditron enabled MFPs, right click it and select "View Auditron Log".

7) A small window will open with the option to View or Purge. Select Purge.

8) Restart the XAuditron service once more.

9) Determine the current page and click count of the MFP in question, then log a single page copy job and confirm that both the page count and click count increased by only one.

10) If your log file contains duplicate data that you need to have removed, please contact and explain your situation. We have a process for stripping the duplicate data from the log.

10) At this point the issue is resolved. If it comes back again at a later time, this is the only fix. Xerox should be contacted directly if this fix is not sufficient for your environment.