Xerox 76xx MFP - Network Accounting reverts to defaults after reboot

Obtain and install Patch CQ176946v2.dlm from Xerox Support.

The following is an excerpt from the official Xerox release note for this patch:
1)    The device must first be least at System Software version 040.033.53130 and no higher than 040.033.53150.
2)    Open a web browser and connect to the multifunction device by entering the IP number of the device.
3)    Select the “Index” icon in the upper right corner.
4)    Select “Manual Upgrade”.
5)    Enter Admin credentials when prompted.
6)    Under “Manual Upgrade” select Browse button to select the file: CQ176946v2.dlm.
7)    Select the “Install Software” button. 
8)    The WorkCentre will install the patch.
When the patch installation is complete, the network controller version will be appended with .CQ176946_v2.