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" The dramatic reduction in waste has resulted in a very quick payback on our investment "

Pcounter Web Report

Pcounter Web Report 3 is the next generation reporting and analysis tool for Pcounter adding valuable analysis capabilities of the activity recorded by Pcounter via a comprehensive report generator, charts, and data manipulation tools, and interfaces which gives end-users and helpdesk staff the ability to view and manage print history and more in a simple protected interface.

Key Features

Works data generated by Pcounter log activity, installed on the Pcounter server, and accessed from client machines using the PWR Web interface.

Simple installation and configuration, with everything needed to run included. No ongoing maintenance. No need to have Pcounter tools on client workstations. No administrative rights required of users.

New interfaces

All new Web-based interfaces for a highly dynamic and interactive experience.

Includes 3 interfaces:

  • Reporting interface – create and view reports, analyze data

  • Administrator interface – perfect for IT helpdesks and similar, to manage device and user history, refund failed print jobs

  • End-user interface – let end users view their own history (and balance), manage their card ID and PIN (optional)

Dashboard for quick insight into top printers, copiers and users, their volume, jobs, output and cost.

Extremely capable, yet very simple, report generator.


Give management and administrators insight into all Pcounter related costs, on department, device, user or client/project level and create the exact reports needed, by simply selecting the report fields, with helpful preview and guides.

Report generation

Extensive features to sort, filter and group data as needed, to show just exactly what is needed.


Select the date range for the report, for example to show last weeks, this months data, creating a quarterly report or even a custom date range.

Add charts, graphs or timeline, for easy visual overview of data.

Schedule the report to be emailed to any number of people, as PDF, CSV or Excel file.

View reports in the browser, or save as Adobe PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, CSV or many other formats.

Green reporting
  • Truly endless possibilities for deeply insightful layered reports, in a matter of minutes, just pick the data needed and run.


New Green Reports


Use Pcounter log data to estimate environmental impact of print and copy usage. Compare two periods to see if environmental footprint has changed, do "what if" estimations to see how simple behavior changes can affect your output.

New Data View for "playing" with data for deeper analysis

Play with data
For Helpdesk

New Helpdesk interface for support staff

  • View history on devices or users

  • Refund failed jobs

  • Simple helpdesk interface with no client installation

New end-user portal, for users to view their history, and optionally manage their card ID and PIN

Web interfaces support HTTPS/SSL

Integrated authentication

Integrated authentication. Create admin users in PWR, who will authenticate real-time against Active Directory/NDS/LDAP.

Manage large amounts of data with new archiving capability.

  • Available in English, French and German.

  • Comprehensive documentation and helpful guides for getting the most from PWR.

Pcounter Web Report is a third party add-on product to Pcounter and requires a separate license.   Request a license here!

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